Friday, January 20, 2012

It Was Ugly

I'm not going to lie: Our first day of removing wheat, soy and dairy from Sam's diet was ugly. He cried at every meal. And he cried for an hour after breakfast because he didn't get what he wanted (a bagel with cream cheese).

He kept begging me, "Please, mama! I promise I won't scratch anymore. I promise! I'm hungry." It went on for an hour while I tried futilely to distract him.

It broke my heart. It still is breaking my heart.

Instead of giving him what he wanted I served up three meals today that he didn't want to eat. And in an attempt to make it easier on him, made my other kids miserable too.

By the time he was refusing to eat supper I had to excuse myself to the other room so I wouldn't cry in front of the kids.

Before supper Sam had eaten a piece of ham, a piece of rice cheese (grossest thing ever, by the way), three pieces of apple and a couple sips of almond milk. I know he was hungry, but he didn't want the corn/quinoa noodles, which he couldn't have with Parmesan cheese.

Then Super Dad sat down with Sam and persuaded him to eat almost all of his noodles. It took chopsticks and making little "sandwiches" by wrapping a piece of ham around a noodle. But he ate almost all of it.

Then he had a lemon Italian ice as a treat and he was happy for a little while.


Surely tomorrow will be better, right?

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Kaia said...

Ughh.. good luck tomorrow! It seems weird that he can't have dairy with it just being a low sensitivity! Poor kid and poor you! I can't imagine what people that tried this before the internet did, though.. there's so many good resources and blogs out there now!

Scott (Yes, That Scott) said...

Maybe you should put everyone on the new diet for a while...
Ease into the restricted diet for just Sam by sharing the pain all around.
You could use my Mother's trick, Either tell them that it is what was on sale and we need to save money or that it is Momma's new diet so that she will stay healthy and she wants everyone to be just as healthy!
Good luck with the diet change and remember... Boarding Schools are expensive so start saving!

Justine said...

Yah...It is going to take a lot of time getting used to having none of those foods in his diet. I have celiac disease and am allergic to dairy and I almost died the first few weeks that I had to eat like that. Eventually the stuff does start to taste better as you get used to it.:) Trader Joes, and Sprouts are amazing! They carry a lot of dairy/wheat/soy free products and they even have lists online of all of their allergen free foods. It will get easier. I promise you!:) And gluten/dairy free pasta from Trader Joes is awesome!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Thanks for the support everyone.

And Scott, forget boarding school. A month or two at the spa is probably cheaper and better for mama anyway! :)