Monday, January 9, 2012

She Says "Don't Carpe Diem." I Agree

Today I read a blog post that a fellow triplet mom linked on Facebook. It was an epiphany for me, the kind of thing that had me laughing, nodding and saying, "Yes! Exactly!" It was a post that banished some myths and abolished some of my mommy guilt.

I want you to hop over to Momastery and read Glennon's post titled, "Don't Carpe Diem." She says it all far better than I can.

I appreciate Glennon's honest perspective that this parenting gig is hard work, and it's just not reality to enjoy every moment of every day. Like today, for example, when kids didn't nap and Candy Land became a full contact sport. But it is possible to enjoy some moments of every day. In fact, it's almost impossible not to.

Thanks, Glennon, for voicing the honest truth that so many of us live.


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Anonymous said...

I think ou sell yourself short. Personally, (after following your link and reading "carpe diem") I prefer your writing. I like your wit, candor, and way with words better than hers.

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Thanks, Anon, for your kind words.