Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Real Truth About The Chicken Limo

We have a novelty limo company in the area. Among other things, they have a limo with a large chicken on the top. We often drive by it on the street and from the first time Amelia saw it when she was about three, she called it the Chicken Coop Car and insisted that it was only used to transport chickens.

Well today we saw it on the move, and Amelia restated her position that it is only used to move chickens.

"Honey," I said. "I'm pretty sure that people ride in that car."

"No, Mom!" she insisted. "It moves chickens. Only chickens."

"Tell me why you think it moves chickens," I said, curious to hear her theory on the subject. She's never been willing to elaborate, but today she gave me the whole scoop.

"Well, Mom, it's like this." (I was already grinning and trying not to smile as she oh-so-seriously explained it to me.) "Say we lived on a farm. And say we had 100 chickens. But we didn't want 100 chickens. We only wanted 10, but we got 100."

By this point in her word problem, I was trying not to laugh.

"So we would have, like, all these extra chickens," Amelia said. 

"Yes, we would have 90 extra chickens," I replied.

"Right, 90 chickens. And we didn't want those chickens. We only wanted 10. So we would call the Chicken Coop Car and they would come and get the 90 chickens we don't want and take them to another farm," Amelia finished. 

I was trying so hard not to laugh at this point that I am pretty sure I popped something internally.

So there you have it folks. The real truth about the Chicken Coop Car, and today's word problem courtesy of my five-year-old. 

Next time I'm going to ask her about the Hippo Bus...

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Kaia said...

Haha! The hippo bus.. I'll be waiting to hear about that one!

Sarah said...

My long and well meaning (not!) Parents rented that for my 18th birthday. Best part? They picked me up from drivers ed in that thing!

Nola said...

I had chickens as a kid and I dressed and sold my extras to the neighbors who did not have chickens...so did not need the chicken limo.