Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Are Learning

Today I served Sam his lunch. He looked up at me and said, "Can I eat this, Mama? Is it wheat free, soy free, dairy free?"


Never forget that your kids are ALWAYS listening.

Sam didn't cry at a single meal today. He now also refuses to drink any milk substitute we offer, including chocolate varieties and regular varieties with Hershey's chocolate syrup in them. 

I have heard that there's a potato milk substitute, so we're going to try that.

In the meantime, I have realized that Sam will need a calcium supplement if he's not going to drink "milk." And that led me to the realization that I probably really need a nutritionist to help make sure he's really getting everything he needs in the strange new world of allergy-free eating. Somehow I don't think apple slices and ham will do the job.

Tonight I've spent my usual blogging time reading through a bunch of gluten-free and allergy-free  cookbooks. And my pasta roller/cutter attachment for my Kitchen Aid arrived today, so there will be some pasta making and baking going on this weekend!

The Pamela's bread mix we tried last weekend was pretty good. I made rolls and all of us ate them (except Dad, I think).

Friday we'll try pizza. I bought a crust and some rice "mozzarella," but I need to make some pizza sauce since anything I can buy has garlic in it. The reviews I've read about the "cheese" are really good, but the stuff smells, well, not like cheese, that's for sure. We'll see if it goes over. I know that the further he gets from the real thing, the more acceptable the substitutes will be.

I promise not to bore you to death with the allergy-free diet we've got going on here, but it's a pretty big part of life right now, so I'm sure it will keep popping up. And I do appreciate all of the support and ideas you guys have offered me, so thanks for that!
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Mary said...

I've never commented before but have you tried Rice Milk? My kids were allergic to milk protein and once we got them off the million dollar nutramigen formula they had to drink rice milk. Maybe give it a try. Maybe you already did. I can relate to you it is so fustrating trying to find substitutes that do not taste like cardboard. Also, the price of these things is crazy. So now you're stressed about your child being allergic and trying to find substitutes while your grocery bill goes through the roof. Aint' life grand? Hang in there.! My kids outgrew it! Thank goodness

Aunt Mary said...

Why not garlic?