Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Update from the Docs

I am happy to report nothing but good news from the latest doctor's appointment today. We're at 20 weeks now, so past the halfway point and everyone (mom included) is still going strong.

I have grown 10 inches around the middle to a 39-inch "waist." I also put on 21 pounds, which meets the "20 pounds in 20 weeks" rule of thumb, but falls a little short of the 30 recommended for someone with my body mass index. I'm still working on it though. In fact, I feel a milkshake coming on shortly. I'm measuring 28 weeks pregnant, so not quite full-term, yet.

The doctor did a quick ultrasound to peek in on the babies since it's so hard to determine whether he's hearing three distinct heartbeats or the same one more than once. What we saw was three very active babies with strong heartbeats. Two babies are head-to-head, and one was actively head-butting the other. It was also kicking its other sibling in the head. Hmmmm....I'm not sure that bodes well.

I've been able to feel the babies moving since about 14 weeks, but their kicks are getting much stronger now as they get bigger and still have room to move around. Sometimes I'd swear they have a mirror ball and a DJ in there for all the activity I feel! Amelia was a busy girl in utero, too, and is even today, so I have a feeling her siblings will help her keep Jeff and I on our toes.

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Val Slack said...


I am so grateful for your charming updates. I have been following along every couple of days and enjoying the stories.

We had about 225 here for Brett's graduation on the 7th. Then on the 14th, I agreed to photograph a wedding...1226 images later, I think the bride will be pleased. With a little more practice, I might even be able to photograph triplets!!

Stay well, keep growing, and remember we all love you.