Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Place to Lay Their Heads

Last weekend Jeff found the big bargain on Craig's List. Someone was closing a home daycare and had three wood cribs and two wood changing tables for sale. The whole lot was up for $160, so we jumped on it. Turns out they were missing some hardware, so we bought everything for $100. Add $10 worth of hardware, and it's still a bargain you can't beat.

Two of the cribs are identical, dark wood, and match one changing table. The other crib is light wood and matches the other changing table. They've seen a little use over the years, so Jeff's cleaning everything up and it will all get a fresh coat of white paint before going into the nursery.

As thrilled as I am about the bargain, I admit that it is a bit of a reality check to see THREE cribs in our garage.

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Grandma D. said...

Happy anniversary! -a day late-