Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who Knew Our Minivan Was Sexy?

A couple weekends ago Jeff and I bit the bullet and traded in our Highlander for a Toyota Sienna minivan. Getting a vehicle that would hold all of us was a major item to cross off the list -- and one of the very first things we worried about when we realized we were having three babies.

Now, getting a minivan is a real crisis for many people, but it didn't bother us. The Sienna drives a lot like the Highlander, and I think remote sliding doors are one of man's (woman's?) greatest inventions!

Little did we know that we bought the sexiest minivan on the market. The other night we were watching TV and this black and white commercial came on showing a young nymph in a bikini (whose body, by the way, has never even thought of pregnancy) and her Adonis-like husband walking on the beach. I thought maybe it was for perfume or some other luxury item. Turns out it was an ad for the Toyota Sienna minivan.

Seriously? I mean this is a nice vehicle, but let's be real. It seats eight, has Scotch-guarded, puke-resistant seats, cup holders designed for sippy cups and enough cargo room to hold gear for an army of little people. If sexy is what you're looking for, the Toyota Sienna, or any other minivan for that matter, is not the first vehicle that comes to mind.

Check out the ad for yourself: %20funny%20ad%20to%20promote%20the%20Sienna%20minivan.

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