Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Little Pampering

A few days ago I realized that I can barely bend over enough to clip my toenails. While my loving husband volunteered to clip them for me, I decided to get a pedicure instead. So tonight, for 45 minutes my feet were soaked, lotioned, massaged, clipped and then polished. Nice! Especially after a day at home with a little one who had a stomach bug yesterday and last night.

Vomit in the car seat and an explosive diaper in the crib did not make a pleasant or restful night for anyone in the house. Fortunately the illness was short lived. Unfortunately, the attitude that came with feeling off lasted a little longer. But it's amazing what a few trips to the corner can do to adjust that attitude. By bath time our sweet Amelia was back and bedtime was a piece of cake. Now I just hope she can sleep through the night!

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