Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quiet (Almost) on the Home Front

The basement is finally drying out now that the company we're using brought a dehumidifier that actually works. Storms keep rolling through, though, so we spent much of last night laying awake listening to the thunder and praying that the power wouldn't go out.

I had another doctor's appointment today, and everything looks good. I love being able to write that again and again! My doc says I'm making this look easy and should keep doing what I've been doing. He doesn't expect me to "have any issues" until at least 24 weeks. That's great news! I'll just keep plugging along and growing at an astronomical rate until further notice.

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Mary- loving Montana said...

OK.... I am sympathetic about the weather you are having, I can't imagine a wet basement in your "state". If it makes you feel any better, I have only been to 2 out of 16 baseball games this spring WITHOUT a winter coat and hat! I think our spring temps have averaged in the 50s, we still have trees budding out. And tomorrow we have SNOW in the forcast!! Imagine shoveling snow in JUNE! So when you think its bad - it could always be worse.~Mary