Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jury Summons (Subtitle: The World's Longest Trial)

Last Friday between my morning discovery that I have officially lost my feet (I know they are down there, but I can't see them anymore!) and the basement flooding, I got a very special piece of mail: a jury summons. For July. HA!

As I already look nearly full term, can you imagine what it will be by July? I requested a deferral, but on second thought, maybe I should have shown up bursting at the seams. No judge or lawyer in their right mind would put me on a jury. Can you imagine? I'd be asking for a bathroom break every 10 minutes and eating right there in the jury box.

I figured I'd better take the deferral in case I wasn't allowed on my feet for a full day by then. But, if they come back in 12 months when I have three infants on my hands I still won't be in a position to serve. Though by then, a week of hanging around a quiet City-County Building reading a book and waiting to serve might look like a vacation! Anyone want to volunteer to watch triplets for the $14 a day that Marion County pays you to wait, or even the $40 they pay you to serve?

Before I dropped my deferral request in the mail, I copied it for the babies' books. It makes a good story!

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