Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Shower in Triplicate

This shower was of the baby variety, not the Mother Nature variety, which we've had too much of lately! Two great friends of mine, Heather and Michi, hosted a wonderful baby shower for the triplets today, complete with a cake that had three little babies on it. Too cute!

There were lots of presents and lots of women catching up with each other and getting to know each other. And there was the toilet paper game -- to have everyone guess how many squares of toilet paper it would take to go around my waist. (Can you call it a waist when it's this big?) For the record, it took 10 squares. The closest guess was Martha's, and as she has twins herself, I think she may have had an inside track!

Jeff and I appreciate everyone's generosity, but what I appreciated most was getting to see so many friends, many of whom I don't see often enough. And, even more than that, we appreciate everyone's willingness to help. I keep telling everyone who offers that we have a "HELP!" list, so we won't forget they offered! We are adding names to the list all the time. And believe me, we will be calling!

When we set the date for the shower at the end of my 21st week, I crossed my fingers and said a prayer that I would still be on my feet by then. I am very grateful to be feeling so well and that everything has gone smoothly so far. And as Michi said so eloquently before we enjoyed the great food, "We pray that these babies are delivered in God's time." And they will be.

So a special thanks to Heather and Michi for hosting and to everyone who helped us celebrate our triple blessing. You are all blessings in our lives.

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