Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Cavalry Has Arrived

My mom and dad arrived last evening, and we wasted no time today in starting to get things in order around here. Although I watched my mom go through everything in the kitchen and reorganize so we'll have room for 40 baby bottles, formula and other assorted baby items.

Dad and Jeff started to build the cabinets in the playroom so we can create some storage, a place for my sewing machine (wishful thinking, but a girl can dream), and some cupboards for the toys that are undoubtedly going to take over our world!

Closets are getting cleaned, baby clothes and crib sheets are getting washed and put away, and things are generally starting to come together. It's starting to feel like this place might be ready for babies sometime soon!


Donya Lester said...

29 weeks!! Yippee! Grow, babies, grow! And now that Grandma and Grandpa Steinman are there to help you finish your nest, you know all will be well. After all, they're the experts on managing a home full of little ones-- even if they did fill theirs a bit more gradually.

Pam said...

I am glad to hear that your parents are there and that everything is coming together. I am sure that you will feel better as your house becomes more and more triplet ready.

Grandma D said...

I'm glad to hear about the cavalry arriving! I've been waiting for this time. Just knowing that helps us out here-
I was also tickled with your remarks about the paint store, Christy! Good to know that you've got the spunk- you go, girl!
Love, Grandma D