Friday, August 1, 2008

Waxing Poetic

Those who know me know that I am a word nerd of the highest order. A couple years ago I got a magnetic poetry kit, which resided on our fridge until Amelia came along and I had to worry about her eating the pieces. So now, I have my magnetic poetry at my office. You can play online if you click the link.

For those of you not familiar with magnetic poetry, you buy a kit which has hundreds of little magnets with words printed on them. The challenge of "writing" with it is that you don't always have the word you would prefer to use, so you have to think of other ways to express your thought.

Every once in a while I play around with it. Most often I fiddle with it when I'm stuck for what to say in my official capacity. It gets the creative juices flowing. Then what I've written becomes part of my daily backdrop and my eyes skim right over it, never taking it in.

Today I stopped and read a couple things I put on my wall, probably months ago. They are both about my children.

The first was for Amelia, my "moon child" born on a Monday night:

Moon child shines eternally,
A little goddess springing from hope.

The second I remember writing early on in this pregnancy, when I had so many fears about carrying these babies and doing everything I could to help them grow so we could meet them some day:

Every day the garden greens,
Sweet blooms that grow.
Who will you be?

Today, my magnetic poetry attempt was about Amelia and the triplets and came out like this:

Children of the universe,
little ones of mystery.
Every day the story unfolds,
and joy is multiplied.
The four will fill our hearts
and bring promise to the
Many days Amelia is as much as mystery as the little ones we have yet to meet. She is growing so fast and is always full of surprises! I'm sure her brothers and/or sisters will be just as surprising and delightful.

You can have your own fun playing online. Feel free to share your creations with all of us!

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Pam said...

Those are so sweet.