Sunday, August 17, 2008

Excuse Me?

Yesterday I went back to the paint store for another gallon of paint for the cribs, changing tables and dresser for the babies' room. This is the same paint store where I had the odd conversation with the two sales guys previously. I was hoping they wouldn't remember me.

They did.

And another odd conversation ensued.

Salesman 1: Now, can you breastfeed three babies?

Me: Well, I think I'm better equipped to do it than you.

Salesman 2: Are they natural? (The babies, not my breastfeeding equipment.)

Me: No, they are made of space-age polymer.

Seriously, did two total strangers, and men at that, just ask me these questions? I told Jeff I'm not going back there until I'm no longer pregnant.


Donya Lester said...

Ah, the pitfalls of taking down boundaries in our society! I think wistfully of the time when men would have never discussed any aspect of pregnancy with a woman unless they were a vested partner in it. :-)

Carrie said...

Some people are just unbelievable!!

Pam said...

It's amazing what people think they can ask you about when you are pregnant, especially with multiples.

Emily & Ed said...

I'd like to think they were trying to be nice - and a lot of people are just curious and don't ask the most appropriate questions. When I tell people I have friends expecting triplets, the 1st question is usually about fertility treatment. I say the mom's a twin - so I think it runs in the family. Maybe the guys visited Indiana state fair and saw the lactation station tents and education stuff on donating breast milk -(lol) and since it's in the news more about breast feeding and that more & more people with multiples use fertility drugs to just try and have 1 child and have 2,3,4, 5, 6 etc babies they were curious. Althought I can only imagine what Q's some may keep to themselves. Wouldn't that be a funny book?

Hang in there - we're pulling for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Sticking up for my gender, I thought they were great questions. You just have to know how to interpret and be a bit patient...

Salesman 1: Now, can you breastfeed three babies? - he really means, does a female body recognize that it will have to produce more milk because you are pregnant with multiples? I am pretty sure he was not thinking you were going to grow a 3rd breast.

Salesman 2: Are they natural? (The babies, not my breastfeeding equipment.)- granted you cut him some slack by assuming he was talking about the babies but in this age of open information for all, I would guess he was wondering about fertility treatments. Given the information that is shared on the front page of the People magazine that probably felt like a mundane and appropriate question.

You have to admit, it is hard to bring this up in conversation and not expect some questions, personally I would be disappointed if people did not react when I bring it up.

Uncle Dave

Christy said...

Dave, it's good of you to stick up for your gender.

I do agree with your interpretation of the questions, but it's a real statement on our society when anyone feels they can ask anything!