Sunday, August 3, 2008

Order from Chaos

Yesterday we had friends come over to help restore some order to the house. Things have been pretty jumbled ever since our floods, and got more chaotic when we had to get everything out of the basement so we (Jeff, not me!) could tear out the carpet and have the new floor installed.

Now the living room has been rearranged to be our new TV room when the babies come. And our family room will become "baby central" with a couple quick changes. We'll swap the couch for a couple of rocking chairs, a crib and a changing table. I couldn't give the couch up yet -- I'm spending too much time sleeping there!

Brian and Jeannie came early and moved the clutter of baby gifts into the nursery and got the moving started. And Eric, Bill and Paul helped do some heavy lifting later, so we have now reclaimed the dining room, restored order to the living room, and started to get the basement set up again. Whew! It's a relief to me to have things starting to come together. Thanks, guys, for all your help!

Of course the nursery is still in chaos, but I know that won't take long to put in order.

While our moving crew did all the work and I supervised, Amelia and Lilly enjoyed running through the sprinkler and "sharing" as well as two-year-olds can. Thanks to Heather for managing the play date so I could be part of the rearranging.

Lilly and Amelia had a great time. Lilly didn't want to leave, and Amelia didn't want her to go either. Here's their goodbye:

Aren't they too cute!
Many, many thanks to everyone for their help. We couldn't do this without you!

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Kathryn said...

How cute! Eric told me some story about the sprinklers, and the fact that Amelia couldn't get Lilly to come back inside.