Thursday, August 28, 2008

Date Night

Jeff and I went out tonight to celebrate getting these little ones all the way to 30 weeks. We figure it's a lot easier to get a sitter now than it will be for Amelia and the triplets. The food was delish and the company was excellent. We breathe a little easier with every day that passes with no complications.

I had to forgo the local multiples group's Mother's Night Out for my date. A good trade-off, though I have enjoyed going to the MNOs and getting to know my fellow multi-moms. I have a feeling I'll really enjoy them after the babies come. Plus, I will then be able to partake of things like the pomegranate martinis that were on tonight's menu!

Now off to bed for good night's sleep, interrupted only by hourly trips to the bathroom.

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Houghton Crew said...

Wow, dinner out together! Sounds nice. We went to "Chez Steve" tonight...haven't done the restaurant thing in a long while and we don't even have any kids yet!

What a small world it is. Chemists are triplet daddy chemists...we are significantly narrowing things down. I'm a former analytical chemist. I worked in pharma for 4 yrs then decided to go to grad school. I'd consider my expertise bioorganic and biotech but I still have analytical roots.