Monday, August 4, 2008

Holy Growth Spurt!

I'm living in this body and even I can't believe this.

On Friday night, Jeff said, "I think you've grown."

I've been growing more up than out lately, so my "waist" has been hanging out at 41 inches. But Jeff's got a pretty good eye, so I measured.

I was 42 inches around.

Today, I thought, "Man, I look bigger. Is that possible?"

So I measured.

Yep, that's a 44 on that tape measure. I grew two inches in 72 hours. Beat that!

If you're really quiet, I'm pretty sure you can actually hear me grow.


Pam said...

You crack me up! I think I can hear the sound of your skin stretching from here. Ha!

Christy said...

All you triplet mommies warned me I'd grow fast, but holy cow! I thought an inch and a half in a week was a lot. Little did I know that was nothing!