Saturday, August 2, 2008

And the Winners Are...

All you get are bragging rights, but here are our top picks for name suggestions. Thanks to everyone for playing along!

Most Creative

Aunt Mary for AJ, Josh and Luke said...

  • Brace yourselves- AJ, Josh and Luke have come up with a few names for you. They are all sure you are having 3 boys so the boy names they suggest are: Tony Lucas (as in Tony Romo), Vince Joshua (as in Vince Young), Duke Jordan (it's obvious right!)

The last name comes from my nephew A.J., the world's biggest Duke basketball fan and a basketball fan in general. His middle name is Jordan -- for Michael Jordan, of course.

Most on Our Wavelength

Aunt Mary said...
Make sure they are 3 names that flow smoothly together when you are calling (yelling) them out! They will probably think they all have the same long name the first few years of their life.

  • Girls: Maria Elise (kinda like Mary Alice huh?), Hannah Jean, Sara Olivia. See how all the girls names would end in "a" like Amelia?
  • Boys: I already used all my favorite boy names, but you are welcome to use them again if you wish. William David, Samuel Thomas, Patrick Jeffry (just don't call him Pat... I like Patrick but don't care for it shortened.)

suzy r said...

  • This is hard!! girls: Madeline, Meira, Sophia. boys: Thomas, Johan, Benjamin.

Anonymous said...

  • How about Olivia or Lydia? I like Curtis for a boy. Still thinking...

Irene said...

  • Boys: Gregory, Luke, Samuel
  • Girls: Madison, Makenzie, Emma

Emily & Ed said... Ed & I had a hard enough time agreeing on Hannah's name and you want me to suggest 6 names!?! OK here goes:

  • Girls - Julianne or Julia (Julie for short), Carolyn, Madelyn
  • Boys - Kent, Kyle, Andrew

This took some thinking - too much pressure to come up with middle names - family names are good to use there.

Best Attempt at Using Family Names

Nol said:

  • Girls--Alice, Carol and Elaine
  • Boys--- Gene, Wayne and Ernie
  • 2 boys 1 girl: Gene, Ernie and Alice
  • 2 girls 1 boy : Alice, Elaine and Wayne

Uncle Dave said...

  • For boys I think Virgil David, Kyle Daniel, Dennis Michael, and Jeffrey Paul; for girls Judith Staci, Sheryl Cathleen, Mary Teresa, and Christina Karen.

Names We Haven't Considered

Anonymous said...

For girls, I love the names ... Pixie Kristin, Alyssa Mae, and Willow Dawn. For boys, I adore the names Taten Elijah, Gryphon Alexander, and Graycen Nicholas.

Sorry Anonymous, but Pixie and Gryphon? Never entered our minds, and probably won't make the final list, but you get points for originality!

Best Naming Convention Suggestion

Forget the expected all names start with the same letter, rhyming names or alphabetical names (we have an A, so a B, C, and D). The best suggestion came from Aunt Sheryl:

  • Since Amelia started with "A" ... go with the vowels A,E,I,O.

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