Tuesday, August 26, 2008

30 Weeks and Still Standing -- More or Less

Sunday was 30 weeks for us, and I'm still standing, except for when the sciatica gets me. I'm still working three days in the office and two days from home. My last day in the office before leave will be Sept. 5, and then it's time to rest and grow babies!

I saw the massage therapist this morning, which will help the sciatica a lot by tomorrow, but the massage must have inflamed the area. I've been chugging water all day, but it's no surprise that my body, overworked as it is, is having some trouble flushing out all the toxins that massage therapy releases. Thankfully, my doctor said I could take a little codeine Tylenol, which should at least help me sleep tonight.

I haven't been sleeping all that well lately, which has led to lots of dreams. The other night I woke up convinced I was giving birth to Michael Phelps. One baby was kicking, one was doing flip turns (I swear!), and the third was rubbing against me so it felt like bubbles popping across my belly. Add to that several hours of watching Olympic swimming, and my mind created one weird dream!

Here's the picture from 30 weeks. When I showed up at daycare to pick up Amelia today one of the other moms told me I was looking absolutely beautiful. Nice to hear when you're carrying three babies and measuring more than full term! If you disagree with her, keep it to yourself. :)

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