Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another day at the Doctor's Office...

Today was the 24 week checkup and everything still looks good. We have reached the minimum viability milestone (the Dr. gives the little ones a 50/50 chance if born today). The next big goal is 28 weeks, where the babies have a 90% survival rate, with a lower risk of long term complications.

Mommy is doing well - low blood pressure - and she is steadily catching up on the weight gain (29 lbs so far). I am, however, trying to not keep up on the weight gain, which is difficult with someone in the house that has a 4000 calorie per day diet! Today, Christy is measuring at 34 weeks and they expect that she will be measuring full term at her next appointment in two weeks. She is still going to the office 4 days a week and working from home once a week.

There are still a lot of things to do around the house - putting cribs together, cleaning out the spare room/nursery and getting the new floor for the previously flooded basement. It seems like we are quickly running out of time as the summer races to an end.

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