Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Name Game

Here's your big chance, triplet fans, to share your ideas on what we should name the trio. Remember, we don't know what we are having, so we need lots of names.

We have a few naming rules ourselves, but I'm leaving the playing field wide open for all of you so you'll have plenty of room for commenting.

Here is some info that might be helpful to you:

Mommy's family names

  • Mommy: Christina Ruth
  • Grandma: Alice Jean
  • Grandpa: Ernest Laverne
  • Aunts & Uncles: Dave & Sheryl, Dan & Karen, Dennis & Teresa, Judy & Virgil, Paul & Staci, Mary & Kyle, Cathleen & Mike

Daddy's family names:

  • Daddy: Jeffry Wayne
  • Grandma: Carol Elaine
  • Grandpa: Wayne Elphage
  • Aunts & Uncles: Amy & Dave, Suzanne (Susie) & Andy, Allison, Jacob

Big Sister: Amelia Katherine

Whether you like traditional names, rhyming names, popular names, old-fashioned names ... or even want to put your own name in the hat (though that may cost you), share your ideas.

Outlandish and silly suggestions are welcome, too. We'll post some of our favorite suggestions in a week or so, giving their authors BIG bragging rights, if nothing else! :-)

Have fun!

Christy, Jeff, Amelia & ?, ?, ?


Kathryn said...

Girls: Mary Suzanne, Allison (kinda covers Alice too!) Ruth, Christina Elise ?

Boys: Jeffry David, Noah Wayne, Jacob Andrew ?

You've got a big job ahead of you!

Irene said...

Boys: Gregory, Luke, Samuel

Girls: Madison, Makenzie, Emma

Donna said...

Wow, I am really bad at this....I will give it a shot:)

Girls: Tina Jean, Allyah Elaine, Cara Ruth

Boys: Matthew Jeffry, Joshua Laverne, Isaiah Wayne

If nothing else, these will give everyone a good laugh...since I am not a mom, but a good Aunt and honorary Aunt to lots of my friends children:) So glad things are still going well:) Miss you! Hugs to all!

Angela said...

Boy: Mitch

Girl: Rebecca

Anonymous said...

Girl names Brianna Cassidy Kaitlyn Samantha boys Brady Reese Andrew Issac

Nol said...

Girls--Alice, Carol and Elaine
Boys--- Gene, Wayne and Ernie

2 boys 1 girl: Gene, Ernie and Alice
2 girls 1 boy : Alice, Elaine and Wayne

Aunt Mary said...

wow I thought you'd never ask..... Just Kidding! I know when mom was expecting you and Cathy I wanted to name you Amy and Anne.... Its only 2 names but its a thought! :>)

I think names are so personal and the child has to live with it forever!! I can't imagine coming up with 3 at once... Good Luck!

Make sure they are 3 names that flow smoothly together when you are calling (yelling) them out! They will probably think they all have the same long name the first few years of their life.

Girls: Maria Elise (kinda like Mary Alice hu?)
Hannah Jean
Sara Olivia

See how all the girls names would end in "a" like Amelia?

Boys: I already used all my favorite boy names, but you are welcome to use them again if you wish.

William David
Samual Thomas
Patrick Jeffry (just don't call him Pat... I like Patrick but don't care for it shortened)

One of my friends had twins.... they did not know the sex so they picked out 2 unisex names and that was it. They are 2 boys and are named Jordan and Tory. Thats the easy way if you can find 3 that go both ways.

Rjs said...

We had a rule that we would not duplicate any relative's names. With three Erics (including my brother and husband) and three Helen's between our two sides, it was quite confusing!

Since no one's done it yet, I'll throw out a bunch of A names so you can be even more confused when you're yelling at one (or more than one) of them. : )

Boys: Aidan, Alex and Andrew (or Aaron)

Girls: Addison, Anita and Annabeth

Thank goodness I only did one at a time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy and Jeff,
I don't have a name suggestion today but want to let you know - you are in my daily prayers. Carrying three one at a time is hard enough -- can't imagine three all together!!! My only suggestion about names is - don't do the rhyming thing - let them each have a nice substantial name that they can be proud to own!!
My love to you all - Mary Jean

Kaya Mae said...

Boys: Zander, Brody, Max

Girls: Mischa(pronounced Meesha), Kyrie, and Analise

My mom teaches with your parents and showed me the site so I figured I'd throw a few names in the hat (I'm a baby name collector...)...I cross my fingers I have multiple babies someday so it is cool to see a glimpse of what life is like getting ready for a big bundle of babies!
-Kaylah Borg

Anonymous said...

Some of these are good options! I like Susie, Allie (Allison) and Jacob ... all family names and still great options! :) Good luck ... can't wait to hear what you land on.

Uncle Dave said...

For boys I think Virgil David, Kyle Daniel, Dennis Michael, and Jeffrey Paul; for girls Judith Staci, Sheryl Cathleen, Mary Teresa, and Christina Karen.

Actually Sheryl thought that since Amelia started with "A", you should continue with either the alphabet A,B,C,D or go with the vowels A,E,I,O

suzy r said...

This is hard!!

girls: Madison, Meira, Sophia
boys: Thomas, Johan, Benjamin

suzy r said...

I meant Madeline, not Madison

Anonymous said...

For girls, I love the names Anna Marie, Sarah Grace, Pixie Kristin, Alyssa Mae, and Willow Dawn.

For boys, I adorde the names Taten Elijah, Gryphon Alexander, and Graycen Nicholas.

Aunt Mary for AJ,Josh and Luke said...

Brace yourselves- AJ Josh and Luke have come up with a few names for you:They are all sure you are having 3 boys so the boy names they suggest are;
Tony Lucas (as in Tony Romo)
Vince Joshua (as in Vince Young)
Duke Jordan (its obvious right!)
Personally I hope at least one ina girl and DUKE would make a better dog name then person name (i think)

Judy said...

I agree with Sheryl I like the alphabet thing....think B,C,D.
You should have named all the cousins so we don't get any duplications there. Can you list them with middle names included?
Aunt Judy

Christy said...

Aunt Judy, aren't you the smart one? Here's my list of cousins' names:

Alexius Leigh
Anthony David
Matthew Meyer
Michael Joseph
Justin Thomas
Ian Daniel
Danielle Ann
Elyse Katherine
Caitlyn Rose
Maxwell Timothy
Alaina Jody
August Jordan
Joshua Thomas
Luke Austin
Raven Jade
Damien Michael
Skylar Page
Breanna Lynn
Caden Mitchell

Now the real challenge. Can Aunt Judy identify which, if any I got wrong?


Anonymous said...

I also like Fay Alice if you wanna go with Fay, Gryphon, and Pixie. But only if it's bgg

Anonymous said...

How about Olivia or Lydia? I like Curtis for a boy. Still thinking...

Donya Lester said...
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