Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swimmin' Fun!

Today we took Amelia to the water park, which required that I put on a maternity swimsuit. This is something you will only brave if you already have a child. There will be no pictures of me in the suit -- well, possibly for the price of a college education for one of the triplets, but otherwise, no way. My sister, Mary, gave me the suit. It's a glamorous, black number with yards of fabric. I'm sure even it won't fit me in another month!

Amelia loves the water, so she had a blast! Daddy did most of the chasing while I watched from my lawn chair or the side of the pool. I joined in some of the fun, but I'm always trying to be careful not to overdo it. Amelia didn't want to go down the little slide today, but jumped from the edge of the pool into the water a few hundred times!

We took a ride on the Lazy River, too. When I got in to my inner tube, the black suit and the pregnant belly gave a great Shamu effect. Getting IN to the tube wasn't so bad, but getting back OUT was a little tricky, like popping a cork out of a bottle. We only did that once!

We brought home an exhausted Amelia, so we're hoping she'll sleep all night. If she sleeps, then Mommy and Daddy certainly will too!

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