Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Means Sweet Corn

We had sweet corn for supper one night last week, and Amelia wasn't interested in trying it. Tonight, she must have been hungry, because she took her first bite when she was helping Daddy husk the corn.

"I no yike it."

We told her it was better after it was cooked, and she gave it another try.

"I yike it corn! Yum!"

Then she ate a whole ear!


Uncle Dave said...

When Amelia gets older you can send her to Iowa to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while they "detassle" corn. Matt and Mike did this a few summers ago and they did not eat corn for a year after that.

Seems to be some irony in the fact that as the oldest and youngest siblings, my youngest child is leaving the nest as you are getting ready to start your own population explosion.

Donya Lester said...

What a precious girl! And now she's a full-fledged Hoosier, because everybody knows Hoosiers "yike it" when it comes to sweet corn!