Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Celebration and a Play Day

Today we are celebrating reaching the 24-week mark in this pregnancy. That is viability for the babies, so a big milestone. Of course, we hope to go another 8-10 weeks at least, but this is a big day!

Since we had something to celebrate, mom was feeling good, and it was a beautiful morning here, we packed up and headed to the zoo. We saw the seals and sea lions perform, and then we went to Amelia's favorite zoo activity, the dolphin show.

To watch her clap and yell when the dolphins first came out -- she was absolutely beside herself with excitement. All Jeff and I could do was laugh. It was one of those moments that you can't do justice to with a photo or a video. You just have to live it, enjoy it, and lock it away in your heart because little girls grow up too fast.

Jeff took Amelia to feed the giraffe. Her report was that she fed the giraffe "orange." It was a sweet potato, but she's right, it was orange. She seemed more excited to tell me about washing her hands afterwards than actually feeding the giraffe.

We had a little lunch and then turned Amelia loose to play on the slides for a while. On the way out we stopped to see the penguins and the polar bear. The polar bear was sleeping, but the penguins were busy diving into the water and hopping back out again. Then they would shake their heads. Amelia was mimicking them, yelling "Shake a head!" and shaking her head.

Although she couldn't keep her eyes open in the car, Amelia was bouncing in her crib within 10 minutes of going down once we got home. She finally settled in about an hour later, so today's nap comes late and will be short. Makes me worry a bit about bedtime!

It's all worth it though, to hear her sing "Like to move it, move it," while she shows me how the dolphins danced! :-)


Rjs said...

Congratulations on the big milestone!!!


Grandma D said...

After reading your zoo story, I can understand better what Amelia was talking about on the webcam! What a sweetie! I know she will appreciate the time she is getting to spend with you now and will love having a 'little' family.