Saturday, July 12, 2008

Over or Under?

WARNING: If you don't want to hear about clothing issues, then quit reading now.

I am entering the great debate of pregnant women and beer-bellied men everywhere -- over or under? Do I wear my underwear and pants way up to my chest, or down below the bulk?

I love Motherhood Maternity's new "secret fit belly," which goes over the belly, even though I don't normally like to have a lot over my belly. The fabric they use is very stretchy and breathes well, so it's comfortable and stays put. When I first bought a few secret fit belly items, the belly came all the way up to my bra, because I'm pretty short. But, as my belly has grown (rapidly!) they already have crept down by a couple of inches. I wouldn't bet on it, but I'm hoping that they will stretch enough to get me through this entire pregnancy, though the high waist will probably be down to my belly button by the end!

Now underwear are a different matter. I can't wear the granny panties that come all the way up. Ugh! Too much on my belly, and even at this size, a girl has to have a little pride! But, the slope of my belly has become so great that any underwear rolls down until they rest, quite uncomfortably, in my C-section scar. So now I'm trying some rather expensive microfiber undies that are guaranteed not to roll and will stretch in all sorts of unbelievable ways, according to my panel of triplet mom experts. We'll see!

I did break down and buy two pairs of shorts today. I hate to spend money on clothes that I won't wear for long, but no price is too much for comfort. And I've already outgrown the shorts I had from the last time around.

Anyone got a good muumuu pattern? I may need it by the time these babies come!

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Alice Steinman said...

Christy; Always remember that you come from pioneer stock. At least you didn't have to milk 17 cows morning and night no matter whether you were pregnant or not. I think you are doing just great and keep it up. See you in August. Your Mom