Friday, July 11, 2008

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Tonight friends came to rip the carpet out of the basement, and they are coming back next weekend to help paint. Thanks Jeannie, Brian and Christy! You are a blessing, and we thank God for good friends like you!

The new floor goes in the week of the 21st, hopefully, and shortly after that we'll get a slew of people coming to reorganize the furniture to make the family room into "baby central," get things that belong in the basement back into the basement, and turn our previously rarely-used formal living room into the TV room. I'm afraid of the dust bunnies that will appear when all the furniture gets moved!

While the guys are doing all that, I'm hoping we ladies can sort some baby clothes, start putting them away in the nursery, set up the changing tables, etc... I'll feel a little more prepared once the house is in order for the new arrivals -- just in time for the start of Week 27.

Why is it that every pregnancy is too long, and yet not long enough?

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