Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things That Aren't in the Parenting Books

Miss Amelia was up Sunday night crying that her ear hurt, so Monday Jeff took her to the chiropractor.

For more information on chiropractic care for treatment of ear infections, check out http://www.kids-chiropractor.com/. Under "Chiropractic for Kids" you'll find a "Research and Articles" section that has good information. Because many ear infections are caused by viruses, they will not respond to antibiotics anyway. And, because we have a great pediatrician, he recommends analgesics for pain control, but refuses to treat ear infections at the first sign. So, we always try chiropractic first, and we've had great results.

In fact, Monday night Amelia slept all night for the first time in at least a week. And, she slept through a raging thunderstorm that made both Jeff and I jump when it first boomed over the house at 1 a.m. It continued for more than two hours, and not a peep out of Amelia. Go figure!

The Web site above is for Dr. Nancy, who is our chiropractor. She is great with kids and pregnant women. I don't think I could get through this pregnancy without her!

Amelia did have a little rough stretch before bed Monday evening, complete with cramming play dough up her nose. Fortunately (or unfortunately) her nose has been running so much lately that it pretty much cleaned itself out, though the sight of fluorescent green and hot pink play dough running out was a little disturbing. Life was so boring before kids!

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Aunt Mary said...

Thanks for the plug for chiropractic and treatment of ear infections! Contrary to popular belief chiropractic is not just for grown ups! I have seen great and quick results in the kids I treat for all sorts of things from colic to ear infection to the usual bumps and bruises of life. Not to long ago I treated an 8 year old boy- his mom brought him in because she gets regular care and wanted him to have his spine "cheked out". After I adjusted him he got up from the table and said with such sincerity "thank you soooo much, I have always wanted to feel this good but I never have" I about had tears in my eyes (which to those that know me doesn't take all that much) I think that was the best compliment I have had in my 16 years as a chiropractor! Can't wait to give those new babies a chiropractic adjustment!