Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Lesson in Being Cautious

I am part of a group of parents who have triplets or more, and they have been a great resource and support. This came in an email update the other day, and it shows just how quickly these higher order multiple pregnancies can change:

Just wanted to update everyone on one of our newest couples...Their triplets will be 22 weeks gestation this Wednesday....[mom] up until recently has had little complications with her pregnancy. Unfortunately, as many of us have discovered, carrying triplets takes a toll on the body and it can happen pretty quickly. At her appointment last week they found out her cervix had shortened from 4.5 to 2.5 over the course of two weeks. She does have a cerclage, but [her doctor] is concerned and has put her on modified bedrest. She has also been put on Procardia.

This email was a good reminder of just how hard my body is working and how careful I need to be. The most important thing I can do right now is keep incubating these babies!

We are grateful for every day that things continue to go smoothly. Please keep praying that my body can stay strong and that things continue to go well.

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