Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creating a Sanity Zone

Today Jeff and I picked out flooring for the basement sanity zone, AKA playroom. After the basement flooded twice in 11 days, we are over the carpet. Concrete isn't an option unless we want to pay for emergency room visits and stitches. So, we've settled on a product called fiber floor. It's water resistant, has some cushion to it and comes in a zillion patterns. We chose this one by Tarkett called Bubble Fun (it is for the kids after all) in blues and greens.

I got the paint for the walls to go on after the carpet comes out, hopefully next weekend. Now all we'll need to do is soundproof the ceiling and we'll be in business!

Like everyone else, the salesmen at the paint store asked when I was due. The look on people's faces when I say "November," is priceless. One guy said that he and his wife have twins, so I let them off the hook by telling them it was triplets. That leads to some of the oddest conversations at times. This was one of those times.

"Do you have the see the doctor a lot?"

"Yes, every two weeks."

"Do they do lots of ultrasounds?"


"Do you have to eat a lot?"


Then the one guy tells me that they see a lot of pregnant women in their store picking out wallpaper and paint colors. He said, "There are good pregnant women and miserable ones. You know, some see it as a gift and others see it as an excuse to complain for nine months. You seem like a good pregnant person."

Well, thanks. This is still an odd conversation to be having with two total strangers, and men at that, but thanks.

They matched my floor sample in about two minutes and one of them carried my two gallons of paint to the car without my asking, so odd conversation aside, the service was great!

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