Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Three pounds, two ounces of babies

We had another doctor's visit today, this one with an ultrasound to measure the babies' growth. Two of the babies weigh 1 lb. each and the third one weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. All of them measure bigger than their gestational age. All great news! It is particularly important that they all be about the same size and growing at the same rate. If one starts to fall behind you have to decide how long you watch that baby not growing well to give the others the benefit of some extra days in the womb. Pray that we don't have to enter into that debate!

We brought home ultrasound pictures of the babies today, so I'll try to get those posted soon.

My doctor, who is a very laid-back guy, was practically giddy at everything he saw today. Giddy on him looks like a smile, and that's about it. He said the babies are the same size he'd expect to see if I were only carrying one. Everything with mom looks great, too. Alleluia!

I've only gained three pounds since my last visit, which is less than they want to see, but considering I had a little stomach bug for a few days, it's not surprising. These little ones demand a lot of nutrition and even missing a few days of eating can have an impact.

So far no signs of bed rest on the horizon, just the usual warning to not overdo it, to listen to my body and to call if anything seems at all odd. I can do that!

At this point the doctor and I are cautiously optimistic that I can carry to at least 34 weeks. But as a first step, 24 weeks and viability is right around the corner, so keep praying!


Paul said...

Every day? Almost every day you write? Wow, what committment. You know this blog is doomed the minute after birth... you may not even have time to blow your nose! Well, keep up the good work Christy.

Our family had a funny discussion the other night over supper - started with the triplets of course, and moved towards Max and Alaina having kids and how we would be Grandparents, etc. Max was sort of devastated when he figured out that his kids would only have Lainy as an Aunt (on our side). "Only 1 Aunt Dad, wow, and I have sooo many". One of the benefits of coming from a large family and marrying into a large family! I told him to marry a girl with lots of brothers and sisters - of course, the words "marry a girl" made him break out in laughter. Anyway, Lainys observation about this "children" talk was directed at the question "do I have to do the thing to have kids?" (Imagine "thing" is italicized, since I don't know how to do that here) Well, of course our answer was yes, people only have biological children when they do the "thing" - hang with me here - She's only 8 - I know there are several variations on the biological children deal! Anyway, she thought about it now for a few days and came to me recently and said "I think I'm going to adopt like my Aunt Nikki".

They think we're "road-trippin" when those babies come, and I guess I can't rule it out! Take care -

Christy said...

If I don't add something to the blog fairly frequently, my faithful readers start to complain -- or worry. And, I am inspired by some other moms of triplets who blog on a regular basis.

I'm sure it will be tough to squeeze in updates once the babies are born, but the chances of ever making three baby books are even slimmer, so I'll try to keep this up.

I love to hear about the conversations you have with Max and Lainey. They always make me laugh!

As for your road trip, come on down. All it takes to get you to travel across three states is triplet nieces and/or nephews, hmm?